• Amateur Orchard members and dependents in good standing as of registration date and during the tournament period.
  • Guests must likewise be of amateur status.

Rules of Play

  • Play shall be governed by the:
    • Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A Rules Limited,
    • Local Rules as printed on the reverse of the official scorecards, and Tournament Rules that are listed in these Conditions of Play or as announced prior to the start of the tournament.

Team Classification

  • Group A – Top 25 % of field with lowest team handicap
  • Group B – Next 25 % of field
  • Group C – Next 25 % of field
  • Group D – Bottom 25 % of field

Team handicap shall be the average of players’ handicaps rounded upwards/downwards.


  • 36-hole Stableford Scoring System with handicaps.
  • Stableford points will count as follows:
    Net Double Bogey 0
    Net Bogey 1
    Net Par 2
    Net Birdie 3
    Net Eagle 4
    Net Double Eagle 5
    Hole in One 6
  • Palmer Course – 18-hole Net Aggregate Strokeplay competition. Combined points of partners count as the team’s score.
  • Player Course – 18-hole Net Four-Ball Strokeplay competition. Better net score for the hole counts as the team’s score (Rule 31).


  • One crystal trophy for each member of the team as in for the following awards/categories:
    • Over-All Champion – Team with highest 36-hole net Stableford points
    • Best Gross Champion – Team with highest 36-hole gross Stableford points
    • Group Champion – Team with highest net Stableford points in each group
    • Group Runner-Up – Team with next highest net Stableford points in each group
  • Note: A team may win one award only

Special Prizes

  • Daily prizes for best team net and best team gross points on each course.
  • A 2018 MERCEDES-BENZ CLA 180 AMG will be available as hole-in-one prize on all par three holes at the Player Course during the tournament. In case of multiple hole-in-one at the Player Course, the prize will be equally shared between or among the winners.
  • A 2018 MERCEDES-BENZ GLA 200 AMG will be available as hole-in-one prize on all par three holes at the Palmer Course during the tournament. In case of multiple holes-in-one at the Palmer Course, the prize will be equally shared between or among the winners.

Tie – Breaks

  • Ties will be broken as follows:
    • most points at the Player course, then,
    • most points at the Player course back 9, then,
    • most points at the Player course last 6 holes, then,
    • most points at the Player course last 3 holes,
    • and if still tied, a toss of a coin
  • Net points will be used to break ties in Over-All & Group categories and gross points for Best Gross.

Handicap Rules

  • Participants must have established UNHS or USGA handicap indexes with at least 20 recent games recorded before September 22, 2018. Otherwise the player’s handicap will be subject to reduction.
  • The player’s lowest handicap index from the month of May to October 2018 will be used for handicap computation.
  • Player’s tournament handicap will be based on the following Palmer Course slope ratings: Blue Tee – 133, Silver Tee – 128 and for Red Tee – 124
  • Maximum handicap index for members are, 31.0 for men (Hcp-36) and 32.9 for ladies (Hcp-36) while for guests, 20.8 for men (Hcp-24) and 24.8 for ladies (Hcp-27).
  • Player’s handicap must be submitted and/or verified by the player himself at the Golf Office prior to November 11, 2018.
  • The committee reserves the right to accept, deny or adjust any player’s handicap if it deems it fit or necessary.

Size of Field

  • Maximum of 400 teams
  • Schedules/Tee Times (Shotgun starts)
    Schedule A
    Thursday, Nov. 22 @ 6:15 AM
    & Saturday, Nov. 24 @ 12:15 PM
    Schedule B
    Thursday, Nov. 22 @ 12:15 PM
    & Saturday, Nov. 24 @ 6:15 AM
    Schedule C
    Friday, Nov. 23 @ 6:15 AM
    & Sunday, Nov. 25 @ 12:15 PM
    Schedule D
    Friday, Nov. 23 @ 12:15 PM
    & Sunday, Nov. 25 @ 6:15 AM
  • Participants may sign up for the above schedules upon registration.
  • The Committee has the final decision on pairings and hole assignments.


  • Men will use the Blue Tee
  • Seniors 55 yrs. old and above (as of November 23, 2018) may opt
    to use the Silver Tee
  • Ladies will use the Red Tee.

Confirmation of Entries

  • Confirmation of entries shall be made upon the submission of entry form and payment of fees.
  • After the Entry Book is filled, a waiting list will be established on a first come-first served basis.
  • A separate waiting list will be established on a first-come-first-served basis for dependent children, 12 years old and above. The said list will be acted upon after October 1, 2018, provided there remains no waiting list consisting of regular members and their spouses.
  • Entry fee is P12,000.00 per team plus 2 Grand Raffle tickets. Registrants are required to purchase two (2) Grand Raffle tickets as part of their Founders Cup registration. Tickets will be non-refundable and may be billed through monthly statements.


  • Cancellation without penalty will be accepted until Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM only. Those who have personalized their giveaways shall still be charged P1, 000.00 for the embroidery and customization.
  • Cancellations made after November 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM are eligible for a fifty percent (50%) refund.
  • In case the tournament giveaways have been received prior to cancellation, no refund shall be given.
  • The member will be charged the equivalent green fees in case the guest partner has availed of the practice rounds.

Change of Partners

  • A member may change his partner not later than November 15, 2018, provided that the new partner meets the handicap requirements. Otherwise, he plays to a zero handicap.

Practice Rounds

  • Free weekday practice rounds may be played without the member-partner up to November 20, 2018 provided:
    • the entry is confirmed, and,
    • prior booking is made with the Golf Office.
  • Guest partner may play practice rounds on weekends and holidays provided he/she pays the half the price of the weekend green fees.

Mulligan Guidelines

  • P300.00 for two mulligans per 18- holes is compulsory and will be charged to folio.
  • Not valid for a hole-in-one prize.
  • May be used anywhere except on the putting green.
  • Must be announced to the marker before it is used.
  • Mulligan ball must be used once put in play.

Late to Tee

  • Players who are late to tee:
    • must mark “X” on the scorecard for the hole/s not played,
    • may join play starting on the next tee.

Pace of Play

  • Play without delay.
  • 22-inch ‘gimme putt’ rule applies. Any ball lying within 22” of the cup will be considered holed on the next stroke.
  • A player must pick up his ball if his next stroke is for a net double bogey or zero points.
  • An 18-hole round should be finished within 4 hours & 30 minutes, or an average of 15 minutes per hole. A player should play his shot within 45 seconds from his turn to play.
  • Marshals and rulesmen are empowered to penalize a player for slow play under a guideline set by the committee.
    • 1st offense – warning; players placed on the clock
    • 2nd offense – two(2)-point team penalty
    • 3rd offense – disqualification for the day
  • To speed up play, player must play a provisional ball if the original ball may be lost or out of bounds, but the player shall inform marker or fellow competitor of his/her intent.


  • Each team shall serve as the marker for the other team in the flight. The markers must observe the following for each hole:
    • record the gross scores, or
    • put an “X” in case of a pick-up or hole not played by the players of the other team.
  • Only official scorecards will be accepted. Scorecards must be:
    • signed by at least one member of each team,
    • turned in within 15 minutes of completing a round.
  • Scorecards not turned in on time shall be voided, and the errant team shall disqualified for the day.
  • The Tournament Committee will compute for the Net Stableford points for each player and team.


  • The minimum caddie fee for the tournament is P600.00
  • Player shall pay the caddie immediately after your round so she can go home and rest.

Awards Night

  • The venue for the Awards Dinner shall be at the Grand Ballroom and the adjacent balcony. Gates will open at exactly 6:00 P.M.
  • The awarding is exclusive for golf participants and their spouses only. Children, relatives and friends will not be allowed to enter into the awarding venue.
  • For the convenience of the Sunday afternoon players, it is suggested that they bill out and load their golf bags into your vehicles before attending the awards dinner.
  • Cash payments will be accepted for additional F&B orders during the Awards Night.

Dress Code

  • Attire for the Awards Night is smart casual. Shorts and sandals are not allowed.
  • Those wearing slippers and/or sleeveless shirts will not be allowed entry into the Ballroom and the Balcony.
  • Members are advised to remind their partners guests about our dress code to avoid embarrassment.


  • The Rules Committee has the final decision regarding the Rules of Golf.
  • The Tournament Committee has the final decision on all other matters and reserves the right to change the Tournament Rules and prizes with proper notice.